Last Saturday, I attended the Creativepreneur Session in Comlabs ITB that invited Ridwan Kamil, one of the leading architects in Indonesia who is also a lecturer in ITB. Here is the lesson I got from the session.

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Let’s get started!

This is the era of small innovative enterprises emerging. We have to compete with the tides if we want to be the winner. Who will be the winner? The CREATIVE one.

What does CREATIVE person means?

1. The Risk Taker

They brave to take the risk as the responsibility of what they have done in calculated way.

2. The Visionary

They set achievable goal to encourage their spirit.

3. Strong Leadership

Not a ‘crybaby’ person and can motivate others. Leadership can be appeared if we already get used to manage people.

4. Problem Solver

A problem solver always knows exactly the tricks to solve many things and getting there.

5. Agent of Change

They always develop the change.

How to start our own creative company?

1. Observe

–          Find the chance from the readings and social life

–          Traveling and networking

–          Find the city that is most suitable with us and get the chance to get there!

2. Selection

–          Select the position that we want in the business

–          Creative Economy category: advertising, architecture, arts & antiques, and many others

–          Add some new values in the product. Packaging is everything!

3. Think different

–          See things with new point of view.

–          Create STORY in creative business! It can enhance the people to buy the products.

4. Make Plan

–          Make some new plan that is not predictable.

5. Scalable

–          Make your business has a scale

6. Design and Technology

–          Create excellence in design to create the better economic prospect

7. Networking

–          Build you networking! It will be very useful in developing your business

8. Innovative Marketing

–          Market your product in innovative way! Example: Maicih with its marketing agents called “Jendral Maicih”